How Pickup/Drive-Thru Service Is Beneficial In Pandemic

The dawn of the drive-thru services could be traced back to the early 1970s and since then the services have been expanding over the entire length and breadth of the food industry.

Not only restricted to the food industry, but now the drive-thru services have also paved the way for the customers to have easy access to every small necessity that comes across in their daily routine.

The fear of contagion and panic-buying has forced many customers to opt for pickup/drive-thru services during the time of the global pandemic. There are thousands of people who are sidestepping from the in-store experience and shifting towards pickup services.

Benefits Of Pickup/Drive-Thru Services During The Pandemic

As we sit back at our homes to snip off the effect of covid from our lives, most of us, perhaps for the first time, have switched to the new-age apps that would help us click and collect our essentials from the nearby store.

The technology of drive-thru services has come a long way, but the premiums and merits of the services have been increased and encountered during the global pandemic.

Here are some of the reasons why pickup/drive-thru services are beneficial in the pandemic.

1. Convenient for users

Convenience is a synonym of drive-thru services. People can order their daily essentials online, pay for them, and pick them up from the store at the scheduled time.

Convenient right?

Nowadays, people are reluctant to move out of their homes to get their groceries, medicines, or veggies to avoid social gatherings at the stores and kiosks. With the option of picking up the order from their desired stores, people feel much more comfortable getting their necessities in their vehicle without even getting out of it.

2. Increases the serving capacity of the stores

Talking about the past years, when the customers used to visit the store to fulfill their needs. This used to create a buzz for the store owners which reduced their selling capacity of the store to some extent.

With the advancement of time and the advent of drive-thru services, these store owners have escalated their service capacity. Talking especially about the pandemic time, store owners just have to pack the orders of the customers without handling them face-to-face for any concessions.

This has increased the working time of the staff and the daily selling capacity of the stores.

3. Contactless interaction

The norm of social distancing was the wheeler and dealer of the covid pandemic situation. To trim the increasing effect of covid infection, it is important to follow all the guidelines and norms related to social distancing.

Keeping this in mind, drive-thru services have turned the table and have been offering contactless services since then. With both the customers and staff wearing masks, and the airtight windows between all the necessary interaction points, contact between these two parties is kept minimum to ensure that they do not interact directly.

4. Easy delivery

It is easy to deliver essentials through pickup/drive-thru services rather than delivery services. Store owners just need to take the order online, pack it along with its pickup ID and keep it ready for the customers to pick it up. They need not assign a delivery agent to get the order delivered.

The pandemic situation was tough for all. Picking up the packed order directly from the store was the best possible way to get all the household essentials from the nearby store, without any direct contact.

5. Safe payment

Safe payment is the key factor and to one extent it is one of the most important points that cloud up in our heads. We tend to think about certain factors such as is the digital payment gateway safe, will it take up any of our information, and much more things like this.

When it comes to pick-up services, it is totally safe to make the payment. Options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paytm, and other third-party apps have eliminated all the complexities that come during the exchange of payments.

6. Boost profits

Well, when a store owner has no customer to negotiate for the discount, the owner probably works with a better pace and systematic order. Also, a customer may be hesitant to move out of their homes during the pandemic to get their groceries, or veggies, or any other essentials. Pickup services take a great deal of safety during the covid situation.

By offering such services, a store owner can convince the customer to get all the essentials at their vehicle without even getting out of it. This will, therefore, increase the profit of the stores as now they could serve more customers than the situation where the in-store experience was a trend.

Now since we know all the benefits of drive-thru services, let me introduce you to the all-in-one app that can help you browse through the stores, order the essentials, make the payment and schedule your pickup time from the store.

Huksters- Connecting The Buyers And The Store Owners

Huksters is the one-stop solution to get everything delivered either at your vehicle or at your doorstep. Starting from groceries, fruits, food, deserts, medicines, bakery products to flowers and gifts, it is the platform that helps you fulfill your everyday needs over just a call taking into consideration all the precautions and safety measures.

The trouble-free order management services provided by the app generate the pickup ID to help the stores as well as the customers to pick up the order in no time. Also, it allows you to schedule your pickup time as per your convenience, and make reliable bill payments without any chaos.

So what are you waiting for?

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